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Excellent training. Very warm and friendly atmosphere. The training was very enjoyable. The trainers seemed knowledgeable. Training was informative, interesting and fun.

Jithu Jhonson, Php Developer - Thrissur

Aitrich helped me to become an industry ready software professional with its experienced based training methedology. I was able to become productive from day one itself when I got hired. Literallty, Aitrich Training Methedology helped me to go through a minimal or no induction curve to become productive in my organization.

Deepak, iPhone Developer
Reflections Info System - Techno park

I found my way through aitrich to explore and update latest technology raising in IT under guidance of empowered experts who are very patient and with hands of knowledge of industry level.

Arun Chandran, iPhone Developer
One Team us LLC

Technical and project management guidance at aitrich prepared me for high pressure situations at any workplace. I am sure, with that guidance, I will be able to climb the career ladder with ease. I am very grateful for the very valuable training and assistance provided by Aitrich.

George Joseph, Android Team Leader
Copper Seeds Techno

The gap between academic syllabus and industry best practices was the main challenge faced by any fresher with technical degree. Aitrich helped me to fill this gap effectively with a very structured and indepth training where experienced developers guide you and share real life examples. Aitrich helped me in aquiring real workplace skills like customer management, work ownership, team play etc.

Midhun, Web Designer ,Thrissur

The quality of technical training and guidance in Aitrich is very high. Its well experiencedFaculty made the concepts very clear. By sharing the real life experience of the industry expert developers, even complex topics become easier to understand.All the trainers and developers were very approachable.

Arunkumar, iPhone Developer
Micro objects PvtLtd

Very informative and made what could have been heavy subject light. Thank you aitrich!

Jithu T.U, Php Developer - Thrissur

Aitrich's experince based training - Aitrich Training Methodology, transformed me from a fresher to a complete software professional armed with all latest technologies. It helped me to get it into my dream career.

Vivek, Java Developer
PKM Softtech Solutions,Banglore