Novice to Professional

Aitrich training methodology makes learning & development interesting and fun,
it helps fresh-hands turn into industry ready software professionals.

Normally, It takes years for the fresh hands to gain the real experience of developing software the right way. So, how is it possible to train and turn a novice to a professional in a short period of time?

Novice to Software Professional is an amusing journey of learning by doing it hands on, in near to real work environment. It starts with a small fitness assessment. Gets you fit with some basic warm up exercises, provides hands on experience and mentors you as a professional. Makes sure you are equivalent to experienced professionals by providing advanced training & education.

Training is a process of providing skills that can be applied immediately to get the problems solved. Candidates have different options to choose, training can be on cutting edge technologies such as…

  • Javascript MVC frameworks - Node.js, Sails.js, Angular.js, Ember.js, etc.
  • Java and related technologies - Core Java, JSP, Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate, etc.
  • Web development - PHP/ Asp.Net (along with JS MVC frameworks).
  • Mobile development - iOS, Android, PhoneGap.

Candidates must have the knowledge and clear understanding of the concepts. We educate the candidates on every important aspects related to software development life cycle.

Support is extended to candidates while they try to apply what is learnt, even though they may be able to do the job on their own. Extra care is taken to see that the provided knowledge and skills are applied well, and equivalent experience of a professional is gained.


  • More than any sort of tests we rely on friendly discussions to find out your interest, goals, needs and concerns. Our experienced developers will sit down and discuss with you to understand your current skills and knowledge level, and what needs to be done to turn you into a good developer.
  • We continue this process on regular basis throughout the training program and makes sure that the candidates enjoy the trip and land safely on software engineering career.

Basic Training/Orientation

Based on the assessment we may provide you some basic fitness tips and warm up exercises, prior to starting the real journey.

For example, the project work during the graduation has given you bit of web development know how. But now, you have opted to go with iOS Developer training program @Aitrich, as there is a huge demand for iOS developers. And you believe mobile development is fun and you can build an exciting career in mobile software development.

Here, you need a proper orientation rather than a jump start into mobile development.

Mobile app development is different from web app development, principles vary on almost every parts including UI Design to persistence and data store design approaches. You also have many questions, like - Should I learn both Objective C and Swift? And, you are not strong enough with concepts and topics related to SDLC. Orientation is a must here.

Problems & Solutions

  • You have done with the documentation related to the problems/requirements.And it can be called the Software Requirement Specification.
  • Now you (or your team) need to propose the solution. You need to justify the technology platform you have selected to learn will make it easy to get this problem solved. (Of course, you are assigned to fix a problem which can be easily handled using the chosen skills & tools.)

Project Planning & Management

  • Agile (SCRUM) is the methodology your team may opt to manage the project. The plan is to split the project into phases/sprints, and go with an iterative & incremental model.
  • For example, UI Development, coding business logic, advanced native feature implementation, etc can be the phases.


  • You have opted (or assigned) to develop a particular module. You need to have the right skills. You will start learning the required skills to build each small functionalities of the project, as and when required. You will be involved in system design, development, testing, etc.
  • Daily standup meetings confirms that you are in track. Retrospective sessions take care of the candidates’ assessment part as well.
  • There will be the lead developer with you who play the role of your mentor while you apply the skills acquired hands-on.

Finishing Touches

We need to make sure you have learned & understood following topics & concepts well during the project execution.

  1. Object Oriented Programing
  2. OOAD (and UML)
  3. TDD
  4. Software architecture
  5. Design patterns
  6. Usage of version control tools


  • We start preparing you to be job ready right from the day one. There are buddies to help you out in all required areas related to your career.
  • You may seek help to get your CV well aligned, get your linkedin profile look good, showcase apps developed by you on app stores, Github, etc.
  • If you feel you need a bit more improvement with you communication and presentation skills, even though you have improved a lot with the presentations you have made during your project development, the Aitrich buddies will support you.
  • We have vast network of IT firms as partners for whom we provide recruitment & staffing services.

Bosom Buddy

Even after successful placement we maintain a strong relationship with you. We call this group as Aitrich Professional Network. Our services may come in use at each stages of your growth.

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Latest News

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AtriDrive is a recruitment drive initiated by Aitrich. Motto behind the program is to "Ensure best career to the right ones". The openings are in Android, iOS, .Net, PHP and Java, and we are in hunt of 60 well trained candidates.

AtriDrive-MCA – Internship, Training, and Hiring

As we and our partner companies are on look out for well-trained fresh hands we have designed a special program for MCA students. It converts the candidates into industry ready candidates by providing education, training and experience during their last semester. They also get a chance to do their academic project with guidance from industry experts, all the above with up to 100% scholarship.