College to career

Demand for well trained fresh hands is huge,
We have specially designed programs for college going students.

Creating excellent career opportunities for the fresh hands

Aitrich builds industry ready resources with skills on latest and cutting edge technologies. Also, we have a vast network of IT firms to whom we provide staffing, recruitment and related services. And we have excellent placement history.

The training programs are tailor made to suite different category of candidates such as MCA,BCA,B.Sc,Diploma and B.Tech students.

The training and placement

Aitrich training is purely by ATM (Atrich Training Methodology). Training @Aitrich is provided by well experienced developers, they play the role of a SCRUM master. The program starts with requirement gathering and project planning. The project is split into phases/sprints. Each day starts with the standup meeting. Assessments are made through retrospective sessions. Adequate training and education is given on cutting edge technologies, best practices, design patterns, OOAD, UML, etc.

Tailor made solutions are made available to suite different category of candidates with dissimilar levels of experience and knowledge. For example novice students may need hand-holding, while for software professionals generally there is no need to elaborate on each topic.

Objectives of Aitrich Training Methodology

Highlights of ATM:

Well versed in the technology topic ATM creates a highly interactive and self-organizing team (where each student is a team member).
Capable of developing software solutions himself Each member performs different roles of a typical software team
Expertise the student both in development and system design using technologies and standard tools Team follows Agile Methodologies
Instill in the student an architectural perspective on software engineering Each Team member plays a highly responsible role
Develop a spirit of team work Team members can switch their roles
Impart the professional skills by allowing the student to work in real-time software development environment This approach makes each team member enthusiastic and highly involved in each aspect of the project
Develop enough confidence and interest Cross functional and goal oriented teamwork leads to the sharing of knowledge
Finally makes the student a complete software professional and the candidates are converted as a highly professional and capable team of software professionals

Aitrich training methodology helps fresh hands. turn into industry ready software professionals. And we have a placement cell with vast network of IT firms who are in need of trained fresh hands.Learn more

College to Career-MCA

College to Career-MCA is a course that can change the course of your life which is initiated by Aitrich focusing final year MCA students. Motto behind the program is to “ensure best career to the right ones”. It converts MCA students into industry ready professionals by providing updated technical knowledge, industry expected training and live experience during their last semester. They get the benefit of learning cutting edge technologies while doing their academic project by utilising the best of their last 6 months. They also get guidance from industry experts to complete their project successfully. The technologies available are JAVA, ANDROID, Php, iOS, Responsive Web Designing, Angular Js, Node Js, Mobile Web.

Additional benefits:

  1. Scholarship options for deserving candidates.
  2. Candidates undergo world class training in cutting edge technologies.
  3. Candidate gets guidance from senior developers to complete their academic activities if any.
  4. Candidates will receive ATP certificate on completion of training.
  5. Candidates receive 100% placement assistance after completing the course successfully.
  6. Candidate gains solid and invaluable work experience.

This program is tailor made for the Final semester MCA students. Apart from the academic benefits, it turns the candidate to industry ready software professional.

College to Career - For Diploma/BCA/B.Sc candidates.

  • Aitrich Training Methodology makes sure that the students who graduate from technical institutions and colleges are employable. The training program gives individual attention to candidates, finds and removes certain weaknesses, which hinder them from giving the best services.  We also make sure that they are placed well.

  • A candidate who receives the necessary training is better able to perform the job. A specially designed training program and career development are very vital for the Diploma/BCA/B.Sc who aims at fast progressing in software engineering career.

  • Aitrich Technologies provides tailor made training solutions for Diploma/BCA/B.Sc candidates.Training at Aitrich simply refers to the process of acquiring the essential skills required for software development. Career development, on the other side, puts emphasis on broader skills, which are applicable in a wide range of situations. This includes decision making, thinking creatively and managing people.

  • Training at Aitrich assists in eliminating the weaknesses, by strengthening the candidates’ knowledge and skills. A well organized development program helps the candidates gain required skills and knowledge, thus bringing them all to a higher level.

  • The right training at right time gives the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out their work to the best of their ability, increasing productivity and quality of work, so Aitrich has launched different training program on cutting edge technologies like Java, Android, PHP, AngularJs, NodeJs, Mobile Web etc., which can carve a way for your better future.

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Latest News

Aitrich launches AtriDrive

AtriDrive is a recruitment drive initiated by Aitrich. Motto behind the program is to "Ensure best career to the right ones". The openings are in Android, iOS, .Net, PHP and Java, and we are in hunt of 60 well trained candidates.

AtriDrive-MCA – Internship, Training, and Hiring

As we and our partner companies are on look out for well-trained fresh hands we have designed a special program for MCA students. It converts the candidates into industry ready candidates by providing education, training and experience during their last semester. They also get a chance to do their academic project with guidance from industry experts, all the above with up to 100% scholarship.