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xamarin allows building mobile application much pretty easy.xamarin is crossplatform where you can built native mobile application for android,ios and window using C# Skills...

New York


JavaScript was used for very simple page interactions in the earlier days of web development. Its use in the browser has changed drastically over time.

San Francisco

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing, the promotion of products or brands via one or more forms of electronic media, differs from traditional marketing in that it uses channels and methods that enable an organization ...


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With years of experience, Aitrich engineers know what it takes to design and develop both enterprise and mobile applications the best way. They will make sure your team knows how too.

Solutions for you

Whether you are a software professional who wants to upgrade skills, or a novice who needs hand-holidng till placement, Aitrich will work with you to build the perfect training curriculum tailored to your specific needs

Solutions for the enterprises

Aitrich's sound experience in Technology Training and Induction Training makes us the preferred training services partner for both. We also have special services such as 'Recruit & Train' and ‘You hire - We train’, which solves both staffing and training needs

We have training solutions for IT firms to quickly get into latest and cutting edge technologies. We constantly revisit the approach and material quality to maximize its effectiveness, even during the training programs. We also provide permanent and temporary IT staffing services using our vast resource pool comprised of both professionals and fresh hands (well trained and ready to hire), suitable for senior, mid-level, and entry level posts respectively.

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Training on end to end web development using JS Frameworks

This training is for developers who want to build well-architected, maintainable and performant JavaScript applications. We'll cover fundamental SPA and JavaScript MVC concepts before diving into NodeJS/AngularJS and JS based application development best practices.

Java Training

We have quick and tailor made solutions for Java professionals who wishes to get into cooler stuffs, for example SpringBoot along with AngularJS/EmberJS. For fresh hands, we dip them deep into Java, holding their hands.

Mobile App Development

We are experts in iOS, Android and Cross platform mobile app development. We will teach you how to build amazing apps.

Web Development

Apart from the traditional web development training programs using Java,.Net and PHP, we also provide training with a combination of these server side technologies along with JS Frameworks, such as .Net Web API/Spring boot/Wordpress with Anjular.js/Ember.js.

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Workshop and Seminar

Aitrich frequently organizes seminars and workshops led by technology experts for fresh hands to gain knowledge and understanding of cutting edge technologies and career opportunities related to it know more.

College to Career-MCA

College to Career-MCA is a course that can change the course of your life which is initiated by Aitrich focusing final year MCA students. Motto behind the program is to “ensure best career to the right ones”. It converts MCA students into industry ready professionals by providing deep technical knowledge and relevant development experience. The candidates also get guidance from industry experts to complete their project successfully. Learn more.

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